Thursday Jan 12, 2023

DTB 60th anniversary podcast interview - John Dowden

In a series of podcasts to mark the 60th anniversary of DTB, we talk to some of DTB's Editorial Board members and other colleagues about their work and their involvement with DTB. In this podcast, David Phizackerley (DTB's deputy editor) talks to Dr John Dowden, the editor of Australian Prescriber since 1990. Australian Prescriber ( is an independent peer-reviewed journal providing critical commentary on drugs and therapeutics for health professionals, and like DTB, Australian Prescriber was a founder member of the International Society of Drug Bulletins. At the time of recording, John highlighted that public funding for NPS Medicinewise (, the organisation that publishes Australian Prescriber, was under threat and unfortunately the Australian Government withdrew funding and the organisation closed at the end of December. John and his team were made redundant, and the future of Australian Prescriber is uncertain. We wrote an editorial that criticises the decision to remove funding from NPS Medicinewise and you can find this in the January 2023 issue of DTB ( This special series of the DTB Podcast is produced by Letícia Amorim and edited by Brian O'Toole.

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