Wednesday Jun 14, 2023

DTB 60th anniversary podcast interview - Barbara Mintzes

In a series of podcasts to mark the 60th anniversary of DTB, we talk to some of DTB's Editorial Board members and other colleagues about their work and their involvement with DTB. In this podcast, David Phizackerley (DTB deputy editor) talks to Barbara Mintzes (DTB associate editor)  who is Associate Professor at the School of Pharmacy and Charles Perkins Centre at the University of Sydney, where she has worked since 2015.  Her background is in epidemiology and the main focus of her work is on pharmaceutical policy, including the effects of direct-to-consumer advertising and physician-directed promotion on medicine use. Barbara talks about her interest in medicines policies, the impact of pharmaceutical and medical device company payments to clinicians, medicalisation of normal life, medicine safety scandals and the impact on those who have been harmed by medicines with a particular focus on women's health.
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